A brief introduction

Excellence in door hardware

Artitec is an international family firm specialized in developing premium door hardware products

We offer an extensive range of door hardware solutions for all types of applications and needs. Many of our products were developed in co-creation with our customers and end-users.

Artitec has customers in in more than 25 countries and our products are found in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Our key characteristics:

  • Trust is good, certification is better
    • Quality in door furniture is objectively measurable and verifiable.
    • Independent certified quality = reliability = 10 year guarantee
    • Certified to the highest European standards (EN1906, EN1634, etc...)
  • Project specialist
    • Artitec supplies to inspiring building projects in >25 countries
    • Custom made solutions always possible
    • Experience with all segments such as Healthcare, Education, Residential, Government and Commercial
    • Experience with all types of buildings, including hospitals, offices, schools, apartments, villa's, stadiums, etc...
  • Innovative
    • Unique door lever systems such as anti-vandalism, anti-suicide and anti-bacterial
    • Most products developed in-house with our own developers and designers
    • Several patents and patents pending
    • Always open to customer-specific requests
  • International active
    • Customers in more than 25 countries
    • Artitec products are found in more than 80 countries
  • Dependable
    • Independent certified product quality
    • 10 year guarantee on most products
    • Modern logistical facilities

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